My Story


I have been a Certified Lifestyle Wellness Coach since 2019. I was born and raised in the greater Dayton area. Eating a plant based diet is something that is important to me and helps me to feel my best and I have been on this journey since 2015. I am very passionate about cooking, nutrition, and personal growth.

My passions for cooking came from my German grandmother who I spent a lot of time with in the kitchen growing up. She taught me the value of sharing great food with other people and the joy and fulfillment it can bring. I developed this passion into what is now known as Plant Jubilation and I love to see my cooking bring people together. Plant Jubilation is a pop-up dinner series that you can read more about over on my Pop-Up Dinner page

Nutrition is another important value of mine. I love cooking, sharing, and eating nourishing and healthful foods. However, I believe that all foods can be a part of a healthy, balanced diet and strongly disagree with the idea of “good” and “bad” foods. In health and wellness, a diet is known as the ways a person typically and habitually eats. I do not promote or practice any sort of diet culture and believe that the path to health looks different for every individual. That is why when working with me, we will create a completely custom coaching plan and approach catered to you! 

Another passion of mine is personal and internal growth. I believe we are all capable of constant and consistent growth with determination. I think it is very important to be working towards personal goals and to have your aspirations in the forefront. However, I also find great value in the smaller steps it takes everyday to reach said goals. With that in mind, I created

RG Resolutions. My goal in this is to help dedicated individuals and teams work towards their full potential. Sometimes it can be hard to make changes, decisions, or even just know what steps to take next. I strongly believe everyone has an innate inner ability to make their biggest dreams and goals in life a reality. Occasionally, in personal growth, we may run into some roadblocks. That is why I set out to help people like you to map out whatever those obstacles may be so you can continue on your path to achieving your goals. You can read more about my coaching business here.

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