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Heal from the inside out!

In this fast moving world, healthful eating can be a difficult task. Choosing convenience and habits over health is what tends to be the norm for most. However, eating healthy doesn't have to be inconvenient. Together, we will work to break your unhealthy habits and make plans so that healthful eating is as convenient and delicious as eating unhealthy. We will take into consideration your activity level when we discuss your health plans. Your new eating habits in turn will have great benefits on your level of focus, energy, and mood. A healthful diet can be used to achieve your goals of weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance as well as lower your risk of diseases and even improve the appearance of your skin along with many other great benefits. I like to take an approach that focuses more on eating with the goal of feeling better (energy and focus wise) as I find this to be a much more effective and gentle way to take care of your body and work towards your nutritional goals. I do not subscribe to dieting culture and feel that we heal best through lifestyle changes and dietary habits that are long lasting. Any foods can fit into a healthful diet in moderation and I do not like to look at any foods as “good” or “bad”. I can’t wait to work together towards your dietary goals.

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